The Bowboard™ revolutionizes the most fundamental function of existence, “mobility”. By rethinking the way we move about and by doing it without fuels or batteries we enable people to have fun, improve their health, and reduce environmental impact while doing it. The Bowboard™ merges a bow, frame and spiral gearing mechanism in a ride-on device that moves you forward when stepping on the bow. While it shares elements with bicycles, kick scooters and skateboards, its method of propulsion is completely new.

When you step on the Bowboard its patented technology converts this into forward motion. Typical riding is to get up to speed using both the bow and kicking and then switch to bowboarding to cruise; which can be up to 15 mph with a modest effort.

Bowboard Press



…and more.

Caloric Burn

  • Bowboard 100%
  • Kick Scooter 90%
  • Bicycle 80%

Testing shows greater calorie burn than other ride on devices. The amount of burn didn’t necessarily mean riders reported it was more difficult. Large muscle groups are used to propel the Bowboard which means more power and more calories burned.

Perceived Effort

  • Bowboard 66%
  • Kick Scooter 100%
  • Bicycle 33%

While it might seem that more calories burned means its harder that’s not always so. Riders reported it seems easier than a kick scooter if you are trying to travel at a comfortable speed.


  • Bowboard 66%
  • Kick Scooter 33%
  • Bicycle 100%

The Bowboard is pretty quick. With speeds clocked at over 15mph on level ground it really moves. In our testing we found it easily outpaced kick scooters but was not as fast as a multi-speed bike.

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